Why Agencies (and Agents) choose MorningStar Automotive

If a dealer receives more quality leads from existing ad dollars - then ad agency ROI reports are much higher. We help make that happen.

If a dealership sells more cars - then F&I product sales increase. We make that happen.

If all staff is trained on benefits of F&I products and how to mention them during the sales process without mentioning price, and include them in deal structures from the desk legally - then F&I product sales increase. We make that happen.

Dealers want more, higher quality leads without spending more money - always.  We do that by providing the industry’s highest converting dealership websites.

Dealers need solutions to close more of the leads they have.  We do that while decreasing the dealer’s lead handling costs and profit leaks by providing better lead handling technology.

Dealers need their customer facing staff to be continually developed - especially call handlers, salespeople, sales managers, F&I managers, and service advisors.  We do that “daily” for about $1 per day per employee and the results are outstanding.

Dealers need new staff that is trained.  We recruit and train for the sales, internet, F&I, sales management and service advisor positions - for no charge to the dealer or our agency partners.  Our candidates are serious about their automotive career and pay for their own training.

We share our profits.  We have paid out more than $2,000,000 in partnership profits to our agency partners whom we serve - and we never compete with our agency partners in their dealer accounts.

MorningStar Principals own, or have a meaningful share of stock ownership, in the following companies - so we can help ensure the highest quality service to our Agency Partners and their dealers.  

FusionZONE Automotive - Lead Generation & Conversion Excellence

Automotive Website Award Winner 3 years in a row.

2019 – U.S. Website Peak Performance

2019 – Rising Star Award for “FastSuite”

2018 – U.S. Website Peak Performance

2017 – U.S. Website Peak Performance

Key Selling Points for Agency Partners:

  • Over 1000 dealer clients in the last 10 years
  • 118 google reviews from dealer clients - ALL 5 STARS - a Perfect 5 Star Satisfaction Rating
  • Dealers report traffic to lead conversion rates increase by 2x, 3x, and even 4x their prior website provider.
  • Dealer’s increase their low funnel, organic, high closing ratio website leads without increasing the ad budget.
  • Certified OEM partner of Toyota and Acura, and OEM approved with Honda, Nissan, Kia and others.
  • Dealer pricing ranges from $1500, $2000, $3500.
  • Closing ratios for referrals from our agency partners have exceeded 100% due to owners having multiple rooftops.  A single presentation often results in multiple sales.
  • Just set the demo appointment - and we do the rest including dealer presentation (20 min demo online).
  • When dealers sell more cars from existing website traffic, our agency partners make more money and get all the credit.  
  • We pay 100% of the first month’s remittance in commission ($1500, $2000, $3500 - just for setting up a 20 minute demo with a decision maker at the dealership).
  • We also protect our agency partners so they are paid on any future rooftop sales within any dealer group they refer.

Fast Ring - Better Lead Handling Technology

Key Selling Points for Agency Partners

  • Dealers report a 30% increase in sales from form leads with FastRING.  See website.
  • Fastring, a FusionZONE Automotive product, will connect dealership employees by phone with customers that fill out form leads in a matter of seconds - without relying on anyone at the dealership to make an outbound dial.
  • Fastring can also be connected to form leads from other web ad pages published throughout the web (car gurus, auto trader, Craigslist, True Car, etc.)
  • Connect by phone with nearly 100% of all form leads during business hours within seconds - using better tech!
  • This tool is included in the FZ website package for $2000 or $3500, or can be purchased separately for $499/mo for nearly any dealership website.
  • Just set a 15 min demo – and we do the rest.
  • Agency Partner commission is 100% of the first monthly payment.

ONLINE Phone and Sales Training - Customer Service Excellence

The College of Automotive Management

Key Selling Points for Agency Partners

  • Dealers “consistently” report increases in closing ratios and dramatic increases in gross profits per sale of $500/unit + (See website for dozens of dealership testimonials)
  • Make $10,000’s more profit per month - without having to sell more cars by developing the customer facing staff handling the phones and sales process at the dealership.
  • This is currently the highest rated online phone and sales training for skill development in the automotive industry.
  • This particular online course has been completed by 1574 dealership employees in the last 36 months.
  • 99.94% rated the course Excellent/Good (out of Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Unacceptable possible options).
  • 97.8% would recommend to peers and friends.
  • Training courses also provided for service advisors to increase their income and sales.
  • Training delivered online, to any mobile device, daily (early morning before they start their day) by remembering where students left off the day before - no need to log in to train - and is totally interactive with personal coaching and skill development.
  • Comes with personal coaching.
  • Dealer costs vary by dealership size and are posted on the website here
  • Agency Partner Commission is 10% of the dealer’s monthly remittance - forever!
  • Just set a 20 min online demo with a decision maker at the dealership.

ONLINE F&I and Sales Management Training - Skill and Process Development

The College of Automotive Management (CAM)

Key Selling Points for Agency Partners

  • When management provides a better environment for salespeople, they can attract and retain higher quality sales teams.  
  • CAM’s online leadership training is the highest rated leadership training in the industry with over 99% of all graduates rating it excellent/good and would recommend to others. See website.
  • Compliance Certification protects dealers from liability created by ignorant staff, and limits punitive damage costs.
  • CAM’s online Compliance and Ethics Certification training is the highest rated and most affordable compliance training with certification in the industry.  See website.
  • F&I Sales and Process Training, combined with Desking Procedures that maximize front and back end profits consistently add extra profit to every sale.
  • Dealers report increases in F&I product revenue (due to higher F&I product penetration) of over $200/unit - after just a couple/few weeks of online training provided by CAM.  See website
  • F&I Sales and Process Training.
  • Desk & Deal Structuring and Negotiation Training.

Private Label Corporate Training Platform - Host Your Own Training

SOAR -  An “intelligent” corporate training and community building platform.

  • Want your own online training platform? - Set up your own online school in minutes.
  • Want to be delivering content 24/7? - Deliver your own content securely, anytime, anywhere.
  • Don’t want to remind people to “log in to train”? - Micro-Learning with Push Content sends the training to any mobile device, laptop or desktop daily!
  • Need to work with different groups? - Keep track of people groups with a built in free customer relationship manager (CRM) platform
  • Need to have some private conversations around your training? - Private Chat Included
  • Want to praise others and their accomplishments for all to see? - Community Forums Included
  • Want to know what others think of your product, service or training? - Custom Surveys provide feedback in real time.
  • Want to see who trains, when they train, how often they train - all in real time from your mobile device? -  Real Time Custom Reports included.
  • Want to generate income from your training - Payment Processing Gateway included.
  • Use SOAR for your own agency and service your dealers better and more often than ever before - without leaving your home office!
  • Help dealers use SOAR to onboard new employees, create culture, store and deliver sales meeting content for future hires, deliver information regarding weekend specials, incentives and rebates to sales and service teams, and more.
  • Platform pricing is the lowest in the learning management system industry (despite having the most intelligent learning management and community building features).  See website.
  • Agency Partner Commission is 10% of the monthly dealer remittance - lifetime.

Forever Residual Profit Sharing

We treat our agency partners like real partners in profit.

  • With these products and services, our network partners can scale their business without taking up ANY OF THEIR VALUABLE TIME.  Just set the demo - and we do all of the work including the servicing of all accounts for these products and services.
  • Our services are specifically designed to help ad agencies get greater performance from their client’s ad spend, F&I agencies to increase their F&I product sales per rooftop, and all agencies to increase their monthly income, and establish lifetime residual income, without taking up their valuable time.
  • We do not require sales quotas to be met to earn continual lifetime commissions - for the life of the client.

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