Process Technology, Including Plug & Play Templates for Same-Day Setup:

Shortly after connecting MorningStar Lead Generation and Processing technology to our website our ranking with Toyota improved to #1 in Oklahoma City.  The next month our Toyota rankings reached #1 in Oklahoma!  The technology and unique marketing messages help us win market share and create approximately 100 extra, live leads a month that close at a high rate.  The platform is also providing continuous training and testing to our staff keeping everyone up to speed on our promotions.  MorningStar technologies is definitely an important factor in our success.

Ryan Rentschler – General Manager, Jim Norton Toyota OKC

As the marketing agency automotive dealerships turn to in order to help them become number one in their market we need to help our dealers make sure they have every advantage to convert that traffic to sales.  MorningStar interactive communication technologies ensures every lead receives instant attention and collects additional information from all customers who are ready to move forward in the sales process. Often times the technology has determined the customers current car payment, desired payment range, whether or not there is a trade, any amount of negative equity and has set a solid appointment with a date and time – before a human has time to respond to the lead at the dealership.  These tools help increase the value of the high quality traffic our firm sends to the dealership websites and further strengthens our relationships with our valued clients. 

Stuart Houser – President, The Automotive Marketing Group

As a company that has processed tens of thousands of applications to secure thousands of recruits for the automotive industry we appreciate the automation of the recruiting, training, and onboarding process provided by MorningStar Technologies.  There is no way a human experience could improve the process and its a fraction of the time and cost of doing it all manually.  By the time we communicate with someone live they are fully vetted, pre-qualified, educated, tested, and convinced this is the right opportunity for them.  So we hire or contract with nearly everyone we meet.  After using the workflow processes we wouldn’t even consider trying to operate our recruiting and onboarding programs without these tools!

Kathy Keenum – Director of Corporate Relations, College of Automotive Management

We needed to hire over 100 team members across the nation in a short period of time and wanted to ensure they were all certified in federal legal compliance rules relating to lending, and help them to become leasing experts as part of their onboarding process.  The MorningStar platform delivered the training content they sourced to achieve our learning objectives, tested each new recruit to confirm 100% of the learning objectives were accomplished, and the employees overwhelmingly rated the experience and the training content excellent.  As the Associate Director of Training for the company, the program provided the foundational knowledge I needed the team to have in order to take them to the next level with our own proprietary content.  

Darlene Lenyo – Associate Director, Training Credit Ops and Sales, Stellantis Financial Services

As a niche F&I product administrator that processes claims for unique, innovative financial products in the automotive, trucking, RV and powersports space it is extremely important to us that our products are presented accurately with full disclosures for the benefit of all stakeholders; the insurance company, us – the administrator, the dealer, the dealership employees, and the customer.  The MorningStar platform is the first solution I’ve seen that can do it all.  We don’t have to rely on keeping every employee in every dealership trained to perfection (which is impossible with turnover) because the platform itself is capable of delivering a high quality, accurate, compliant presentation 100% of the time to 100% of the customers (digitally verified) – even before they meet a finance manager.  The platform then confirms customer understanding of all required FTC disclosures before the purchase decision is made, including the various price disclosures required to be totally compliant.  We recommend the MorningStar platform to all of our agency partners and their dealers looking to sell more products while achieving 100% verified compliance.  

Paul Budvitis – CEO/Founder, Insurian

We are able to train and service hundreds of accounts nationwide remotely with our MorningStar platform – something we just could not do if we had to do it live and in person.  Legal compliance training is a continuous requirement and dealers and lenders that have digital records of continuous compliance training and testing are better protected from larger damages that are often imposed on dealers and lenders that don’t.  The MorningStar platform allows us to provide a much higher level of service to our automotive and lending clients that rely on us for compliance training, support, and defense. 

Steve Levine – Partner, Ignite Consulting Partners